Dealer Level Diagnostics

Dealer Level Diagnostics

All Modern vehicles are packed full of highly advanced computer systems, some vehicles can carry 40 or 50 Separate ECU’s (Electronic Control Unit’s) controlling everything from your seat and mirror adjustments to your brakes, suspension and engine. These computers are connected by vast wiring looms, on newer vehicles they are connected by high speed digital networks sending info around the car all the time and on really high-end vehicles even fibre-optic networks!


Because of this the need for high level diagnostics is now greater than ever, a small glitch in a network may cause chaos and manifest itself in all kinds of ways within your car. For example, a small water leak into the boot of your car may cause the engine not to start. To help us diagnose these problems we at Plox Motors Ltd have invested heavily in our equipment, we have six different diagnostic machines all with different attributes to suite each vehicle’s needs. Obviously, dealer’s own manufacturer specific tools were always the best for their vehicles, however Non-Dealer machines are now on the same level.
Our cutting-edge Pass-Thru Equipment does what its name suggests – it allows us to ‘pass-thru’ to vehicle manufacturer’s websites to access valuable repair and maintenance information. With this we are able to perform dealer-level diagnostics, download software updates, Firmware Fixes, reprogram ECUs, key fob programming and access OE technical data and service schedule information.


At Plox Motors Ltd we pride ourselves on continually investing in high level diagnostic training for our technicians including training in the latest models, Hybrid and Full Electric vehicles. The cumulative effect of our training and equipment investments is that we carry out a logical diagnostic process to correctly identify and rectify the problems.


All this is achieved at a fraction of the cost from a main dealership.

Auto Electrical Repairs

Auto electrical repairs are all carried out using the same equipment, including repairs for central locking faults, body control faults, electric window faults, alarm/key faults, battery or starting faults and lighting faults.


We also Supply and fit Tow-Bars, Hands Free Kits, Media and Dash Cam Units.

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